To get the best experience, you need to follow the correct protocol to don't kill the mood. There're certain unspoken rules to be followed if you want a memorable date.

 1) Respect:  

It’s the age-old rule, treat others as you want to be treated, respect is one of the most important ingredients of any relationship. When you are initially contacting me, don’t use explicit and vulgar words. I'll  put off when I see such words mentioned. I'll warn you against doing it again or simply reject you.


2) Be mindful of other people’s time:

Is a very underrated quality. I appreciated when you show up on time. Time is our most valuable resource. It doesn't come in infinite amounts, so make sure not to waste other people’s time by simply being mindful and polite.


3) Clean Yourself Up:

Have a shower, clean your teeth, and make sure your hands and feet are well-groomed. Nothing will turn me off like showing up unkempt.

4) Have the Exact Fee Ready:

Before you get to the date, you’ll need to prepare the fee in advance. Always bring cash in the exact amount. Avoid coins and don’t ask me for change. It’s your responsibility to discuss the fee and bring the correct amount to the date. Moreover, leave the money in an envelope and give it to me at the start of our date.


5) Safety First:

Having safe sex is a must. You should not try something that can cause any type of injury. Hiring an escort doesn’t mean that you are free to do anything. Don’t Offer Escorts Money to Cross Boundaries, If I'm not ready for something, don’t try to force me.


6) Don’t Get Too Personal:

While you should have plenty of things to talk about in our date, you should make sure you don’t ask any questions that are too personal. I might not want to share details about my personal life with you.


7) My rates are not negotiables:

No it mean no. Don't be disrespectful with my work and my time.


8) I don't send pictures:

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